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2016.05.07 Funk Parade Washington, DC USA  04627

Washington, DC USA

2016.06.11 Capital Pride Washington DC USA 05987

DC Fire EMS at Capital Pride DC

2016.05.08 DC People and Places  04729

Elizabeth Taylor in Love, Washington, DC USA

Metro Hack Night IV at WMATA HQ Washington DC USA 03120

Metro Hack Night

2016.02.20 Light Yards Washington DC USA 03089

Light Yards

2016.02.05 Manchester New Hampshire, USA 02381

Manchester, New Hampshire

Published in No more middle ground in our democracies – Policy Forum

2016 SnoWayOut Washington DC USA 01816


Photo by tedeytan

Million Man March Washington DC USA 09674

Million Man March 20th Anniversary, Washington, DC USA

Photo by tedeytan

iPhone Rose Gold Square Washington, DC USA 09456-Edit

iPhone Rose Gold Square, Washington, DC USA

Photo by tedeytan

2015 H Street Festival Washington DC  09232

Healing H Street, NE, Washington, DC USA

Photo by tedeytan

#activetransportation #NoMazing - others dream of beaches, I dream of walking in DC ❤️

NoMa 2015

Photo by tedeytan

World War II Flyover Washington DC 55088

World War II Flyover

Photo by tedeytan

Vermont Ave NW Gardens Planting DC 55189

Vermont Avenue Gardens

Photo by tedeytan

Harvard University Cambridge MA USA 52419

Frozen Charles River

Photo by tedeytan Published in That Dirty Water You Love Isn’t Frozen Solid: Don’t Walk On The Charles River, Police Warn | WBUR

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