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2019.09.14 DC People and Places, Washington, DC USA 257 27038

U.S. Capitol from NoMA

2019.09.12 Rise Up A Conversation with Don Lemon, Washington, DC USA  255 72068

Moon over U.S. Capitol

2019.08.10 Rehoboth Beach by Drone, Rehoboth Beach DE, USA 221 22222

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, USA

2019.07.07 DC Summer People and Places, Washington, DC USA 187 25026

U Street, NW, Washington, DC USA

2019.07.25 Sous Vide Steak and Sardines, Washington, DC USA 206 58243


2019.08.03 Nose To Tail, Washington, DC USA 215 32213

Nose to Tail Meat

2019.06.08 Capital Pride Parade, Washington, DC USA 1590011

Capital Pride, Washington, DC USA

2019.06.20 Tel Aviv People and Places, Tel Aviv, Israel 1690077

Shawarma and Kebab, Tel Aviv, Israel

2019.06.16 Jerusalem and Tel Aviv People and Places, Israel 1670017

Old City, Jerusalem, Israel

2019.06.16 Jerusalem and Tel Aviv People and Places, Israel 1670001

Tower of David, Jerusalem, Israel

2019.06.14 Tel Aviv Pride Parade, Tel Aviv, Israel 1650033

Tel Aviv Pride, Tel Aviv Israel

2019.07.07 Broccoli with Bacon, LCHF, Washington, DC USA 1830005

Broccoli and Bacon Stir Fry

Swordfish, Sous Vide Technique

Swordfish cooked with Sous Vide technique, finished with butter. No vegetable oils used. As expected, no rise in blood glucose as measured with a continuous glucose monitor. Enjoy…

2018.12.07 Low Carbohydrate Walnut Snowball Cookies, Washington, DC USA 08960

Low Carbohydrate Walnut Snowball Cookies

Low Carbohydrate, Healthy Fat Walnut Snowball Cookies, to help friends celebrate life events with a relaxed pancreas. No added sugar, no vegetable oils, only real fat Catching up…

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